<25kg RePL Platinum (RePL + AROC + ReOC)


Graduates emerge not only with a RePL <25kg License, authorizing them to operate drones up to 25 kilograms, but also with an Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC), enhancing their communication skills in the airspace. Additionally, participants have the option of obtaining a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC), providing a comprehensive accreditation for those looking to operate drones commercially. As an added benefit, participants gain exclusive access to the IDT referral program, offering the opportunity to purchase a discounted drone from DJI, a leading name in the industry

  • Day 1-3: Online Training
    • Interactive online sessions
    • Comprehensive curriculum covering key drone piloting skills and regulations
    • Engaging discussions and practical insights
  • Day 4: Practical Training
    • Hands-on application of learned concepts
    • Outdoor drone piloting exercises
    • Instructor-led sessions focusing on real-world scenarios
  • Day 5: Practical Training Continues
    • Further application of skills in diverse environments
    • Integration of theoretical knowledge into practical scenarios
    • Final assessments and feedback sessions
  • Time Schedule (Daily):
    • 9 am to 3 pm – subject to change depending on day
    • Structured sessions for optimal learning
    • Adequate breaks for refreshment and interaction
  • Equipment Provided:
    • All necessary drone equipment supplied
    • Access to advanced technology for a comprehensive learning experience

May 2024 Intake closing soon

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