Graduates emerge not only with a RePL <25kg License, authorizing them to operate drones up to 25 kilograms. As an added benefit, participants gain exclusive access to the IDT referral program, offering the opportunity to purchase a discounted drone from DJI, a leading name in the industry.

  • Day 1-3: Theory Online Training
    • Interactive online sessions
    • Comprehensive curriculum covering key drone piloting skills and regulations
    • Engaging discussions and practical insights
  • Day 4: Practical Training
    • Hands-on application of learned concepts
    • Outdoor drone piloting exercises
    • Instructor-led sessions focusing on real-world scenarios
  • Day 5: Practical Training Continues
    • Further application of skills in diverse environments
    • Integration of theoretical knowledge into practical scenarios
    • Final assessments and feedback sessions
  • Time Schedule (Daily):
    • 9 am to 3 pm – subject to change depending on day
    • Structured sessions for optimal learning
    • Adequate breaks for refreshment and interaction
  • Equipment Provided:
    • All necessary drone equipment supplied
    • Access to advanced technology for a comprehensive learning experience

June - July 2024 Intake closing soon

4 spots remaining