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If you want to fly remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) commercially, fly at night, hire remote pilot licence (RePL) holders, and fly in close proximity to the public, you will need a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC). A ReOC can be issued to sole proprietors and corporations with an ACN or ABN. Government entities and non-profit organisations are also eligible to apply. Your initial ReOC is valid for 12 months, with approved renewals lasting up to three years.

We are real drone pilots with real-world experience, unlike other training schools. We will collaborate with you to develop your documentation and prepare you for your CASA assessment to become a Chief Remote Pilot. We can do this because we did it ourselves. We know how the industry works and we want to share it with you. You have 12 months to complete the course.



How long does the ReoC take to be processed?

CASA delegates aim to have ReOCs issued within 14 days of receipt of the complete application package prepared by I Drone Train, which takes 7 days. A $500 fee applies for an express submission, where the application package is prepared in 24hrs of receiving a completed submission. When I Drone Train submits your application to the CASA delegate you should ensure that you are able to allocate time within the next few days to complete the job scenario and telephone interview components of the assessment.


What is included in the ReoC fee?

The I Drone Train ReOC application processing fee includes:

  • provision of the CASA template Operations Manual and Operational Library including procedures for operations within 3NM of non-controlled aerodromes, operations down to 15 metres of people and night operations;
  • a review of the application package;
  • the Chief Controller’s interview assessment;
  • the issue and review of a knowledge deficiency report if required;
  • issue of the ReOC; and
  • forwarding of the completed application pack to CASA.


What forms are included in the package? 

Your ReOC package will include an Operations Manual and an Operational Procedures Library. Both of these manuals will be based on the CASA templates and customised to include your organisation’s details.

I Drone Train will complete the required two separate forms Form 101-06 and Form 101-08. These are different forms to what are used if your application is being processed by CASA.

Form 101-06 is the Instrument of Delegation Application for RPA Operators Certificate and Form 101-08 is the Instrument of Delegation – Application for RPA Operator’s Certificate (ReOC)

You will be granted access to I Drone Train’s student portal where we’ve simplified these forms by transferring them into a digital form. These forms are processed by our team and after consultation with you we submit them as part of your application package.

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